Faculty & Staff

The Center's multi-disciplinary curriculum is made possible by a group of faculty drawn from departments across the University. In addition to teaching, CLAS' core faculty members serve on the Center’s Executive Committee and advise our students. CLAS draws on the DC policy and professional communities as well, bringing in expert adjunct professors to complement and enhance our course offerings. 

Paul Almeida
Associate Professor of International Business
Senior Associate Dean, Executive Education

Monica Arruda De Almeida
Adjunct Professor of Political Economy

John J. Bailey
Professor of Government

Timothy Beach
Professor of Geography
Cinco Hermanos Chair in Environment and International Affairs

Patricia Biermayr-Jenzano
Adjunct Professor of Gender and Sustainable Development/Agriculture

Katherine E Bliss
Adjunct Professor of Global Health

Denise Brennan
Associate Professor of Anthropology

Roberto F Brodsky
Adjunct Professor, Center for Latin American Studies

Hector Campos
Associate Professor of Spanish Linguistics

Matt Carnes
Assistant Professor of Government

Adhip Chaudhuri
Assistant Professor of Economics

Marc W Chernick
Associate Professor of Political Science
Director, Center for Latin American Studies

Ricardo Ernst
Deputy Dean of Business
Co-Director, Global Logistics Research Program

Ramon J. Espinasa
Adjunct Professor of Economics

Michael J. Ferreira
Assistant Professor of Portuguese

Camille E. Gaskin-Reyes
Adjunct Professor, Center for Latin American Studies

Tania Gentic
Assistant Professor of Spanish and Portuguese

Bjorn-Soren Gigler
Adjunct Professor of Development

Desha Girod
Assistant Professor of Government

Elzbieta M Gozdziak
Research Director
Editor, International Migration Journal

Margaret D Hayes
Adjunct Professor of Government

Kevin J Healy
Adjunct Professor, Center for Latin American Studies

Gwen Kirkpatrick
Professor of Spanish
Director, Graduate Studies

John M Kline
Professor of International Business

Adriana Kocornik-Mina
Adjunct Professor, Center for Latin American Studies

Barbara R Kotschwar
Adjunct Professor of Political Economy

Adriana Kugler
Vice-Provost for Faculty

Carol Lancaster
Professor of Government
Dean, Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service               

Erick Langer
Professor of History
Director, Master's Program in Latin American Studies (MALAS)                                                       

Adam Lifshey
Associate Professor of Spanish and Portuguese

B Lindsay Lowell
Director of Policy Studies

Susan F Martin
Herzberg Professor of International Migration

Bryan McCann
Associate Professor of History
Director, Master's Program in Global, International and Comparative History (MAGIC)

Dennis McNamara
Park Professor of Sociology & Korean Studies
Special Assistant to the University President for China Affairs

Theodore H Moran
Professor of International Business
Marcus Wallenberg Chair in International Business and Finance

Eusebio Mujal-Leon
Associate Professor of Government
Co-Director of the Master's Programs in Democracy & Governance Studies and Development Management

Barbara Mujica
Professor of Spanish

Joseph M Murphy
Professor of Theology
Paul J. and Chandler M. Tagliabue Distinguished Professor in Interfaith Studies and Dialogue

Nader Nazmi
Adjunct Professor of International Finance

Ricardo Ortiz
Associate Professor of English
Director, Graduate Studies

Joseph A Page
Professor of Law

Joseph M Palacios
Assistant Professor of Sociology

Dennis Quinn
Professor of Business and Public Policy

Joanne Rappaport
Professor of Anthropology

Daniel Sabet
Visiting Assistant Professor of Government

Veronica Salles-Reese
Associate Professor of Spanish Literature
Director, Graduate Studies

Vivaldo A Santos
Associate Professor of Portuguese
Director, Portuguese Program
Director, Brazilian Studies Program

Hector E Schamis
Adjunct Professor of Government

Andrew Schoenholtz
Visiting Professor of Law

Michael E Shifter
Adjunct Professor of Government
Senior Fellow, Center for Latin American Studies

Elizabeth H Stephen
Associate Professor of Demography

Jennifer Tobin
Assistant Professor of Public Policy

John Tutino
Professor of History

Arturo Valenzuela
Professor of Government

Jim Vreeland
Associate Professor of International Relations

Thomas J Walsh
Associate Professor of Spanish Linguistics

Timothy Wickham-Crowley
Associate Professor of Sociology
Chair, Department of Sociology