Accelerated Degree FAQ

Commonly Asked Questions by the Accelerated Degree Program Students

What does a typical program year look like?

In order to finish the forty-two credit program in fifteen to eighteen months, students must take four classes per semester and participate in either two summer abroad programs (two courses each) or one summer abroad program and one additional Main Campus semester (also two courses each). Two classes (six credits) from the participating undergraduate university count towards the degree. Usually students who finish in fifteen months do not have time for internships or jobs because their schedules are so demanding. The curriculum requires that students take five core classes (States and Societies, Origins and Transformations, Political Economy, Culture and Power, and a Research Methods course) and choose seven classes that count towards their chosen concentration. A typical accelerated schedule looks similar to this:

Summer (CLAS in Latin America):

  1.  Concentration
  2.  Concentration


  1. States and Societies
  2. Origins and Transformations 
  3. Concentration
  4. Concentration


  1. Political Economy
  2. Culture and Power
  3. Research Methods Course 
  4. Concentration

Summer (CLAS in Latin America):

  1.  Concentration
  2.  Concentration 


For which classes do my undergraduate credits count?

Undergraduate classes count as elective courses in the Master's Program, unless approved to count toward the Concentration by the Concentration Advisor.  At the end of the Master's program students must take the comprehensive exam. Georgetown professors write the questions for the exam so it benefits students to have taken their concentration courses at Georgetown in order to be well prepared for the comprehensive exam. 


When should I declare a concentration? 

It is best to declare a concentration when you are entering the program in order to make the best use of your limited time at Georgetown. 


When should I do my summer abroad?

Students have the option to complete their summer in Latin America before they start first semester in the fall or after they have completed their second semester in the spring, or both. 


When should I take comps?

The comprehensive exam is available to students in the spring, summer and fall. Students take the comprehensive exam the last semester of the program. Students in the Accelerated Degree Program typically take the exam either in the summer or the fall, depending on when their final semester is.


Do I have to take the GRE?

 No, students who are accepted into the Accelerated Degree Program do not need to take the GRE as long as they keep their GPA at or above 3.5 on a 4.0 point scale. Remember to declare your intention to participate in the Accelerated Degree Program your junior year so that you can plan which classes will apply for masters credits.