Book cover of: Matias Romero y el Oficio Diplomatico

Matías Romero y el oficio diplomático

On April 19th, 2018, the Center for Latin American Studies co-sponsored an event with the Center for the Advancement of the Rule of Law in the Americas (CAROLAS) to discuss Matías Romero y el oficio diplomático: 1837-1898, a book published by Dr. Sergio Silva Castañeda and Dr. Graciela Márquez.

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Colombian Women Peace Builders Reflect on Year Since Agreement

The recent peace deal in Colombia brought the oldest ongoing armed conflict in the Americas to a close. But there are significant challenges in implementing the agreement, according to Ofelia Castillo and Sandra Bermudez, two Colombian women who participated in the peace process between the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia—People’s Army (FARC). Castillo and Bermudez spoke at a Georgetown event sponsored by the Georgetown Conflict Resolution Program, in collaboration with GIWPS and the Center for Latin American Studies on April 17, 2018.

Georgetown Latin America Film festival Flyer

5th Annual Georgetown Latin American Film Festival (GLAFF)

This past April 5th, 6th, and 7th, the School of Foreign Service LatAm Council and Center for Latin American Studies hosted the 5th Annual Latin American Film Festival, featuring three fantastic Central American documentaries. The Film Festival attracted between 75 and 170 excited attendees each night over course of the three-day event, with representatives from the Georgetown, policymaking, and the greater-Washington academic communities.

Event speaker

Puerto Rico after Maria

The Center for Latin American Studies and the Latin America Leadership Program welcomed Former Governor Luis Fortuño to the Hilltop. Mr. Fortuño shared his perspectives on the current and future challenges the island faces, particularly in light of the catastrophic damages caused by Hurricane Maria in October of 2017.

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From Foraker to Maria: The Porto Rico Experiments

On Tuesday March 13th, CLAS hosted Professor Pedro Reina Pérez for a discussion of the relationship between Puerto Rico and the United States entitled “From Foraker to María: the Porto Rico Experiments”.

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Cuban Energy Insecurity with Eric Gettig, PhD

On March 1, 2018, Georgetown’s own Eric Gettig, Ph.D. graduate and current lecturer, presented an overview of his current project: a historical review of Cuba’s relationship with oil, or lack thereof. Set against the backdrop of a photograph of Cuba’s first oil well, “this is the story of the absence of a resource,” he said, launching into a compelling argument that will soon be published as a book.

Clinton 25 Event Photo featuring Madeleine Albright and Ernesto Zedillo

Clinton 25 Event Reunited Madeleine Albright, Ernesto Zedillo, and Strobe Talbott

SFS Professor Madeleine Albright, former Secretary of State (1997-2001), President Ernesto Zedillo, former President of Mexico (1994-2000), and Strobe Talbott, former Deputy Secretary of State (1994-2001), gathered at the Clinton 25 Symposium to discuss the foreign policy of SFS graduate, President Bill Clinton, at the event’s “Vision for the World” panel.

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Honduras National Elections

On January 31st, the Center for Latin American Studies hosted an event to discuss the alleged manipulation of the November 2017 Honduran Presidential election. Miranda Carnes, International Politics Major (SFS’19), shares her viewpoint on Dr. Irfan Nooruddin’s presentation.

Mercedes Calzado

Security, Politics, & Public Policy

On January 30, 2018, The Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS) welcomed Dr. Mercedes Calzado to present her research on security, politics, and public policy in relation to Argentina’s 2015 Presidential Election.

Event in Dean's Office

Mexican Congressman Vidal Llerenas Morales Calls for Innovative Industrial Policy in Mexico

Vidal Llerenas Morales, a representative of the Movement for National Regeneration (MORENA) party in the Mexican Chamber of Deputies, visited Georgetown on November 30, 2017 to discuss the Inclusive, Innovative, and Sustainable Industrial Development Law, which he introduced in May of this year and made the subject of his book, “Industrial Policy for Mexico Based on Innovation: An Inclusive, Sustained, and Sustainable Approach.”

Indigenous women showing their weaving technique in Cuzco

Dr. Kevin Healy Presents at International Conference, Tinkuy 2017

Dr. Kevin Healy, adjunct faculty member at the Center for Latin American Studies in Georgetown University, attended a conference in Cuzco, Peru as a speaker. This four-day conference, TINKUY 2017, was held from November 8 thru November 11 and brought together people from all over the world to celebrate the wealth and diversity of Latin American textile traditions.