Apply to CLAS

Undergraduate students at Georgetown who wish to complete the certificate in Latin American Studies should visit the Certificate Programs page to learn more about the requirements and application deadlines for the undergraduate certificate. 

Undergraduate students interested in CLAS’ accelerated BS(BA) /MA program should visit the Accelerated BS(BA)/MA Programs site for more details and information about this program, in which students may complete a BA/BS and an MA in Latin American Studies at an accelerated pace. Qualifying undergraduate students from one of CLAS' cooperative degree schools may also complete a Bachelors degree and Masters degree at an accelerated pace. Please visit the Accelerated Cooperative Degree Programs site for more details. 

Applications to the CLAS MA program are processed through Georgetown’s Graduate School. Applicants will use the Graduate School's online application tool. The Graduate School’s Application Procedures website features up-to-date information about the application process. Questions about the status of pending graduate applications should be directed to the Graduate School at

Graduate students interested in joint MA/JD or MA/PhD programs should visit the Joint Degree applicants' page for more information on the application process for joint degrees.

The application deadline for the fall semester (prioritized consideration for scholarships) is January 15th and the final deadline is April 1st. The application deadline for the spring semester is November 1st


The standard application fee for the program is $90. However, many students qualify to have the application fee waived or refunded.

All applicants who submit their complete applications by December 1 will have their application fee refunded. To qualify, applicants must submit their complete application, including all letters of recommendation and unofficial transcripts, by midnight on December 1. These applicants will pay the $90 application fee up-front and then receive a refund in late December or early January.

Additionally, the following groups of applicants are eligible for fee waivers (and do not need to meet the early December 1 deadline). To arrange for your fee waiver, contact Julie McMurtry and Gabriela Narvaez no later than January 2 to verify your eligibility.

Rangel Finalists and Fellows
Pickering Finalists and Fellows

MA program Requirements

Successful candidates for admission to the MA in Latin American Studies at SFS will have completed at least six semesters of lower-division Spanish or Portuguese with a C or better, or the equivalent of Georgetown’s Advanced II level in either language. Native speakers of Spanish or Portuguese must meet Georgetown’s standards for English language proficiency.

CLAS places great value on such skills as the ability to adapt to new cultures, develop and manage projects, work independently, overcome language barriers, and leverage limited resources. Accordingly, CLAS strongly encourages the application of Returned Peace Corps volunteers, Jesuit Volunteers, and Fulbright Scholars to its MA program.

CLAS considers all elements of a candidate’s application when making admissions decisions. GRE scores and college grades are considered alongside the candidate’s experience, letters of recommendation, and personal statement. CLAS’ evaluation of an applicant is based on the combined strength of all elements of the application.

Applicants to the MA program must submit:

  • The GSAS online application
  • Official transcripts from every undergraduate and graduate institution in which the applicant has been enrolled (hard copies; submitted by mail to GSAS)
  • A 500-word personal statement describing the applicant’s academic interests and future goals
  • Three letters of recommendation, a minimum of two of which are from professors or others who can speak to the applicant’s academic strengths. If necessary, the third letter may be from a professional contact. Any problems obtaining letters from academic references should be addressed in an applicant’s personal statement.
  • Test scores (GRE or TOEFL as appropriate)
  • The CLAS supplementary data form

The GRE is required of all applicants. Applicants who completed undergraduate work in a non-English speaking environment must achieve a satisfactory TOEFL or IELTS score. 

All application materials must be submitted online, with the exception of the applicant’s official transcripts, which must be submitted in hard copy to the Graduate School. Incomplete applications will not be considered. 

Transcripts should be sent directly to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences