Research at CLAS

The Center for Latin American Studies at Georgetown University gathers professors and researchers from diverse disciplines with outstanding careers in the field of Latin American Studies. It is also a hub for academics and professionals from across the continent who share similar research topics and approaches.

CLAS Research Center
CLAS operates a research center dedicated to the investigation of topics related to the Latin American region. Each research project has a team composed of a primary investigator, research assistants and coordinators.

Faculty Research 
Most of our faculty members conduct research on their topic of specialization. Information about their research career and expertise can be found on the respective bios in the faculty directory.

Student Research
CLAS students interested in carrying out primary research on topics related to Latin America may receive funding from CLAS to cover travel costs. In recent years CLAS has provided an average of more than $20,000 to support its students in their research endeavors throughout Latin America. Click here for archive of papers generated by CLAS-sponsored student research.

Country Programs 
The Center for Latin American Studies sponsors research initiatives on Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela. CLAS also hosts on-going faculty research on Mexico and Cuba.