Welcome to CLAS

When CLAS opened its doors in 1959, just months after the Cuban Revolution, it was one of the first Latin American Studies programs in the United States.

It has continued to be a leader in area studies, bringing together scholars and practitioners from Washington D.C. and the region to serve as adjunct faculty.

CLAS offers summer programs in Brazil, Chile and Colombia, and encourages undergraduate study in Ecuador and Argentina.

M.A. students at CLAS reflect a broad range of international and domestic backgrounds and experiences.

CLAS’s faculty brings together diverse scholarly interests with a focus on Latin America from the Washington D.C. area.


Colombian President Iván Duque (MPM’07) Visits Georgetown

During his first presidential visit to Washington, D.C., Colombian President, Iván Duque, visited Georgetown on February 14, 2019 to speak with Law Center Dean William M. Treanor about the crisis in Venezuela, economic policy, and his time as a Georgetown student.

Lessons Learned from Brazilian Public Policies for Education

On Thursday, February 14th, visiting researcher Eduardo Chaves da Silva presented his findings regarding early childhood policies in Brazil and the U.S. In conducting his research, Chaves da Silva aimed to explain the institutional change that occurred in Brazil between 1990 and 2016 with regard to the legal rights afforded to children and adolescents.

Learning About U.S. Foreign Policy Towards South America

On Tuesday February 5th, the Georgetown University Center of Latin American Studies hosted an event titled “U.S. Foreign Policy For South America.” Livia Peres Milani, a PhD candidate, refuted the idea that the United States foreign policy has neglected Latin America during the past few decades.