The REPAL Network

The REPAL (Red para el Estudio de la Economía Política de América Latina) Conference gathers distinguished researchers affiliated with universities in Latin America, North America, and Europe, and who are interested in promoting and giving greater visibility to new studies in the political economy of Latin America. REPAL’s academic focus centers on advancing comprehension of development models, socio-political institutions, and practical challenges through empirically grounded research sensitive to context. Scholars associated with REPAL employ diverse methods to yield innovative descriptions, concept formation, causal inferences, and theoretical advancements challenging conventional wisdom in the region. Institutionally, REPAL is a network open to the research community and structured around the promotion of diverse, plural debate on the political economy of Latin America. 

10th Annual REPAL Conference

The main sponsor of the Tenth Annual REPAL Conference is the Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS), Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University.  CLAS also currently serves as the institutional home for REPAL.  The two-day conference will take place on July 12 and 13, 2024.  This year’s Program Co-Chairs are Silvia Otero-Bahamon (Universidad del Rosario) and Brian Palmer-Rubin (University of Southern California).  

We will post a schedule for the conference as soon as it is available.  

The REPAL Conference is mainly attended by those presenting papers. If you are interested in attending the REPAL Conference and are not presenting a paper, please complete the form here by no later than April 30. REPAL will be back in touch by May 1 to let those who completed the form know whether REPAL will be able to accommodate their attendance. If you are selected to attend, you will need to register for the conference and pay the REPAL registration fee.

The two-day conference will be preceded by a Graduate Student Workshop, to be held on Thursday, July 11.  

Here is an interactive campus map of Georgetown University. Most REPAL events will take place in the Bunn InterCultural Center.

We hope the conference and the exchange it fosters will empower scholars whose work focuses on the political economy of the Latin American region to continue pursuing innovative research. 

Travel and Accommodations for REPAL Conference

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