Reflejos is a collection of academic reflections assembled and distributed biannually by the Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS), a unit of the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. Reflejos serves as a platform for CLAS students, alumni, visiting scholars, and faculty to share written work on themes relevant to Latin America and the Caribbean. Developed from – and contributing to – CLAS outreach, teaching, and research, Reflejos aims to enrich the community of Latin Americanists and researchers at Georgetown and beyond. 

Reflejos seeks two types of submissions:
1. Research summaries: brief synopses of, for instance, recent research experiences or trips, initial findings from a new research project, or conclusions from a recently defended thesis. 
2. Opinion pieces: informed commentary on contemporary political, economic, social, legal, or cultural dynamics in or relating to Latin America.

For the inaugural issue of Reflejos we welcome original research submissions and opinion pieces that meet the following criteria:

Submission Criteria

Text, Authorship, and Audience

  • Submissions are expected to be of the following word lengths:
    • 2,000 – 3,000 words (for research summaries)
    • 500 – 1500 words (for opinion pieces)
  • Submissions may not be anonymous.
  • Submissions may be written in English, Spanish, or Portuguese.
  • Submissions should be written for a general audience and should limit the use  of jargon and unfamiliar acronyms.
  • Titles should be brief and informative.


Images constitute an important element of Reflejos. If possible, please include with your submission one or more images relevant to your research. Please keep the following in mind:

  • We must have permission to share the images you submit.
  • We must have an alt text description, a brief caption, and the artist or photographer’s name for each image or photo submitted.

Submission and Review Process

  • To submit a research summary or opinion piece, please contact or with “Reflejos” in the subject line of your email by December 1, 2023.
  • Submitting a piece does not guarantee its publication. An editorial board will review all submissions for quality and appropriateness for inclusion in Reflejos.
    • You will be advised of the status of your submission within four to six weeks of submission.
    • Acceptance may be conditional on requested revisions.
  • A member of the CLAS staff will copy-edit all accepted pieces so published work consistently follows our style guide.

We look forward to hearing from you and reading your work!  For more information or to ask questions, please contact Reflejos Managing Editor Julie McMurtry (CLAS Associate Director) at