Spring 2018 – Spring 2020

MA candidates in Latin American Studies produce a final capstone project, drawing on their studies in the graduate program and tailored to address pressing needs of Latin American and Caribbean agencies, organizations, governments, and business. Below we present the titles of past capstone projects, as well as links to those that are available online

Spring 2018

Peace and Post-Conflict in Colombia: Politics and Elections in the Immediate Aftermath of War by Cameron Trimpey-Warhaftig and Diego Suárez-Salazar.
– Partner Organization: Centro de Investigación y Educación Popular (CINEP), Bogotá, Colombia

Fall 2018

Do Immigrants Cause Crime? The Effect of Immigration Size on Crime and Perceptions of Victimization in Chile by Patrick Kim and Christopher Valdes.
– Partner Organization: Instituto de Asuntos Públicos, Centro de Estudios en Seguridad Ciudadana (CESC), Universidad de Chile. Santiago de Chile, Chile.

The Salad Bowl Project by Tiffany Wilt.

Spring 2019

A Golden Partnership: Dialogue and Engagement in Latin America’s Extractive Industries by Amanda Chatupron-Lacayo and Daniela Forero Benavides
– Partner Organization: Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

LUHPLA, Literature on Urban Health Policy in Latin America by Nicholas Ebert and Camila do Amaral
– Partner Organization: CEPAL, Santiago de Chile, Chile.

Downsizing and Upgrading: An Effective Path to Modernization for Argentina’s Armed Forces by Sarah White
– Partner Organization: Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars’ Argentina Project

The Fight for Inclusion: Gender and LGBTQ+ in the Implementation of the Colombian Peace Accords by Laura Cossette and Kenia Saba Perez
– Partner Organizations: WOLA ; Latin American Working Group (LAWG)

Our Partners Across the Pacific: A Comprehensive Strategic Plan to Strengthen Thailand’s Diplomacy in Latin America by Tipaporn Attasivanon
– Partner Organization: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Thailand

Fall 2019

Sustained Violence in the Northern Triangle and the Intention to Migrate by Kelsea Cooper and Michael Willis
– Partner Organization: United States Department of State (DOS)

Human Rights Law, Transitional Justice and Addressing Underlying Causes of Conflict to Creating Lasting Peace by John-Francis Villines
– Partner Organization: Comisión de la Verdad (CEV), Colombia

Spring 2020

Cementing Women’s Visibility in CEMEX’s Integral Program for Rural Development: An M&E Methodology to Achieve SDG#5 in Nuevo León, Mexico by Abby Bowman and Judith Pérez
– Partner Organization: CEMEX

Digital Economy Strategy in Colombia: Domestic Innovation, Digital Security and Digital Trade by Christina Huntzinger, Karolina Kvačková and David Mauer
– Partner Organization: Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF)

Published by ITIF in 2020.

Forced Disappearance in the Borderland: Unveiling Victim’s Invisibility in Norte de Santander by Jessica Spanswick and Javier Ochoa
– Partner Organization: Fundación Progresar , Cúcuta, Colombia.
– To view the original in the Social Science Research Network click here

Informing U.S. Strategy to Support Judicial Reform in Guatemala and Honduras by Lauren Molina and Stacey Pirtle
– Partner Organization: WOLA

Introducing Brazilian Abolitionism to U.S. Students: A Historiography of 19th Century Abolitionist Campaigns in Brazil & Resources for U.S.-Based Educators by Sarah Brokenborough
– Partner Organization: Library of Congress (LOC)

Immigration, Economic and Social Integration in Chile by Marvin Wiley and Duowei Chen
– Partner Organization: AthenaLab , Santiago de Chile, Chile

Latin American Voting Patterns on US Priorities in the U.N. General Assembly: 1983-2018 by Agustín Grizia
– Partner Organizations: Council on Foreign Relations (CFR); Argentine Association of International Studies (AERIA); United Nations Foundation (UNF)

She Stands Up: Understanding and Teaching about Women’s Activism in the Face of Violence by Parker Benedict and Amanda Rubin
– Partner Organization: Consortium of Latin American Studies Program (CLASP)

The Road to Vision 2040: An Education Strategy to Boost Human Capital in Guyana by Laura Newton and Sara Jones
– Partner Organization: Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI)

US-Cuba Agricultural Trade: How Trade Normalization Will Affect Exports and Investment by Rolf Niederstrasser-Hernández and James Gordy
– Partner Organization: Engage Cuba Coalition