CLAS 60th Anniversary Panel
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Title: Latin American Studies through the Years

A Sixtieth Anniversary Discussion

In celebration of our 60th anniversary, CLAS held a panel composed of distinguished CLAS Leaders: Arturo Valenzuela, Robin King, John Bailey, Diana Kapiszewski, Erick Langer, Veronica Salles-Reese and Timothy Wickham-Crowley. We discussed and reflected on the evolution of Latin American Studies over the past 6 decades.

Approximate start times:
0:00 Dean Hellman’s opening remarks.
6:24 Father Carnes, current CLAS director, delivers opening remarks and introduces the panelists.
16:53 Question and Answer: How has the region of Latin America changed in the past sixty years?
40:45 How has the interdisciplinary discipline of Latin American Studies evolved in the past thirty years?
1:06:25 Audience Questions: How can we avoid paternalism in the classroom? How does Latin American studies provide humanity in academia in the age of technology? What are other Centers for Latin American Studies doing, and how will that shape CLAS’s future?
1:21:04 Audience Questions: What is the future of the region given recent unrest and political change? Is Latin American Studies losing ground in the United States? Are intergovernmental organizations equipped to deal with regional problems such as corruption and drug trafficking?

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