Country Programs

Currently, the program offers graduate summer programs in Brazil, Chile and Colombia, and encourages undergraduate study in Ecuador and Argentina. Most students receive financial aid to attend these summer programs – in 2016 nearly all applicants received some form of aid. We will shortly announce when the application opens.

In each country, students participate in coursework and internships at organizations that match their stated objectives. Click here to read the CLAS Summer Blog which features posts written by CLAS students.

If interested, please fill out the Summer Program Application Form and email it to Julie McMurtry.

Internship Funding

MA students have the opportunity to apply for international internship funding in Latin America. The guidelines allow for students to propose and pursue their own internships, tailoring their international experiences to better suit their interests and aspirations.

Eighteen students received internship funding in 2015 to support placements at the US State Department in Mexico and Uruguay, Museo de la Memoria Histórica in Chile, Jesuit Refugee Services and Programa de Desarrollo y Paz in Colombia, and various placements in five Latin American countries. In the past, full-time employment offers have resulted from international internships, allowing our graduates to extend their international experience into their professional lives.

Travel Research Grants

In recent years, CLAS students have received funding to research political participation in Brazil, impacts of tourism in Colombia, the Guelaguetza festival in Mexico, Oil and Revolution in Cuba, and narratives of identity in Peru, to name a few.

MA students have the option to seek credit-based and non-credit based research in Latin America through the program’s Travel Research Grants. In the past, students have traveled to virtually every country in Latin America, carrying out unique projects that do well to represent the diversity of interests at Georgetown.

MA candidates completing a Travel Grant are required to present their results at a CLAS panel in the autumn.

In 2015 alone, 18 students received Travel Research Grants to support research in fields as disparate as freedom of expression, women’s empowerment, China/Brazil Trade, and historical memory.